Your Skyline RV is the product of years of research, development and refinement. From excellent design to superior materials to meticulous final construction, Skyline travel trailers are state-of-the-art. We also provide our customers with a no-nonsense, one-year full warranty backed by a nationwide service program unmatched in the industry. We want to protect your recreational vehicle investment as much as you do. Because in the end, your satisfaction is why we're in business.

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The Layton Dart series of travel trailers has 5 floorplans to choose from—more choices than any other Skyline brand. Whether you’re a growing...

Dart Exterior

Today, Layton has become a premium Skyline brand evolving into the realm of smooth fiberglass exteriors, laminated to a lightweight aluminum frame...

Javelin Travel Trailer

Since 1960, when the first Skyline RV rolled off the production line, the Nomad name has hosted more campfires, fish fries,...

Skyline Nomad Travel Trailer