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We don’t just talk the talk, at Thor Motor Coach we walk the walk. Some of the programs we’ve put in place to ensure our customers are happy include Rapid Response and Concierge Connection. Rapid Response is in place to keep you on the road enjoying your Motorhome. Rapid Response is our commitment to stock the necessary parts to get you back on the road quickly. And rather than assume our customers are happy, we want to ensure our customers are happy so we started Concierge Connection.

Every Customer that purchases a Thor Motor Coach receives a personal phone call immediately following their purchase and again after 90 days.

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First Off What’s An RUV? An RUV is a vehicle specifically made to fit your lifestyle. While some people may just call it a motorhome, it is so much more than that.  An RUV is a Recreational Utility Vehicle.  This vehicle can haul more than a typical full size SUV, includes a full bathroom and kitchen, and is compact in size and...

2014 Axis RUV by Thor Motor Coach


Built to fit every budget and need... Discover the perfect combination of space and options that the Chateau line of Class C Motorhome has to offer. If you are looking for a pactical motorhome Thor Motor Coach provides something for everyone.

Chateau Citation


Appreciate the trip in this compact touring vehicle... Just because it is smaller, does not mean it can not be exciting! The Citation B+ / Class C Touring Motorhomes from Thor Motor Coach provides you with multiple floor plan choices, which can fit any family size or travel requirement. And with ''Mega Storage'' you get that extra...



Let your adventure start here First-class comfort and livability comes standard with the well rounded 2014 Hurricane Motorhome. A variety of floor plans makes it easy to choose a model that is right for you. Come find out why Hurricane is one of the most well known class A motorhomes of all time...